FW Kolloquium: The Dutch side of Future Water

The Dutch side of Future Water – practice of consultancy and research

Dr. Arthur Lutz will report about the various activities of the consultancy and research institute FutureWater in Wageningen, The Netherlands. He will introduce FutureWater and give a deeper insight in few example projects the institute is dealing with in the daily practice.

FutureWater’s expertise in research and delivery of applied solutions is centered around the six main areas of water for food, water excess, water shortage, climate change, river basin management, and irrigation. In addition to carrying out research and providing advice on request to clients FutureWater frequently initiates state-of-the-art scientific and applied research projects. The institute’s key expertise is in the field of quantitative methods, based on simulation models, geographic information systems and satellite observations.

Dr A.F. (Arthur) Lutz is a physical geographer with a solid background in hydrology, hydrological modelling, GIS, remote sensing and cryospheric sciences. His expertise include hydrological modelling at scales ranging from large river basins to small catchments, climate change impacts for future water resources, simulation models, data analysis, hydro-meteorological monitoring in the field, and training. Particular focus of his work is on the modelling of climate change impacts for high-mountain hydrology. He is mainly educated at Utrecht University, where he completed his Bachelor and Master degree in physical geography. His education focused on land-surface hydrology, land degradation and catchment modelling, remote sensing, and spatial analysis. Besides, he focused on the cryospheric environment by attending specialization courses in glaciology, permafrost & periglacial environments at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), and did an internship in the cryospheric research group at the University of Zurich. Arthur worked for several years as a consultant and GIS-specialist, before joining FutureWater in 2011. He has international working experience in multiple developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. He is author and co-author of multiple peer-reviewed publications. Between 2012 and 2016 he conducted a combined PhD research at FutureWater and Utrecht University resulting in his PhD thesis titled “Impact of climate change on the hydrology of High Mountain Asia”.

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