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Humanity’s intensive water use is rapidly changing the dynamics within water bodies such as rivers, lakes, groundwater and seas. As a result, the science of sustainable water use has become a central challenge of our time. Technologies which minimize the effect of human activities on water systems are both expensive and challenging to develop; to that end, water science requires interdisciplinary and cross-sector approaches, including from the fields of engineering, chemistry, economics, as well as the environmental, medical, and social sciences. This broad knowledge base is the principle driving force behind the cutting-edge Future Water group.



Erster Abschluss steht bevor

Kollegiat Mats Leifels vor der Verteidigung und wieder auf dem Sprung

Guter ökologischer Zustand

Interessanter Kurzfilm zu Europas Flüssen und Seen

Genau hingeschaut

Kollegiaten Leifels und Mackowiak bei UNC Water Microbiology Conference 2017 in Chapel Hill, USA

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