Evaluation of innovative Waste Water Treatment Processes by the use of classical instrumental and effect based analytics

This Project is about the evaluation of oxidative processes for advanced waste water treatment with regard to the elimination efficiency of micropollutants. Because today such micropollutants are not taken into account or not eliminated sufficiently, they can enter the environment. To ensure a sustainable water quality even in future, its might be necessary to develop methods to eliminate such micropollutants.

This project is focused on endocrine active micropollutants, which are not further considered by the European water framework directive, but known to be toxicological relevant. To determine and evaluate the elimination efficiency of new technologies and the behaviour of endocrine compounds, classical instrumental (LC-MS/MS / GC-MS/MS) and effect based analytical methods will be developed and applied.

The effect based analytic is based on gene-modified yeast cells (Arxula Adeninivorans), which can be used to determine the toxicity of water in terms of endocrine active compounds. Additional an online monitoring system based on the same yeast cells will be applied and optimized for an autonomous water monitoring.


  • PhD student: Dr. Fabian Itzel
  • Supervisor: Dr. Jochen Türk (IUTA, Environmental hygiene & trace substances)
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Torsten Schmidt (UDE, Chemistry)
  • Mentor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grünebaum (Ruhrverband)