Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology e.V.

IUTA is one of the largest process engineering Institutes in the sector of energy- and environmental technology in Germany. The main focus, with 140 employees, is the applied research and development together with industrial partners by which scientific knowledge is transferred to new or optimized processes or products. Additionally IUTA is doing research on organic micropollutants for more than 15 years. By research in different projects, IUTA developed and established instrumental (LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, 2D-LC-HRMS) as well as effect based detection methods. In the field of waste water treatment, IUTA is working on development and evaluation of new processes (e.g. Ozonation, UV, UV/H2O2, UV/TiO2, Adsorption on activated carbon and activated coke) for micropollutant elimination. Besides basic orientated issues as the formation and toxicity of transformation products, the focus is on effectivity and effectiveness of waste water treatment processes.

Dr. Jochen Türk


Michelle Klein

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Effect-directed analysis of surface and waste water