Entry and effect of pollutants through separate sewer systems

As a result of precipitation events, rainwater containing pollutants from roofs, roadways and other impervious surfaces is introduced into rivers through separate systems. Pollutants may have a direct influence on species and hence on the communities of organisms. This project will mainly focus on the detection, spread and effects of pollutant inputs by rainwater on surface waters. For this purpose, transects will be laid in suitable rivers at different distances from rainwater discharge points from which sediments and biota samples will be collected and analyzed for different pollutants. This will be accompanied by laboratory-based toxicity studies of the sediments to provide information about possible adverse effects of the identified substances in sediments for the corresponding benthic and sediment-dwelling organisms.


  • PhD student: Dr. Julios Armand Kontchou
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bernd Sures (UDE, Biology)
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Torsten Schmidt (UDE, Chemistry)
  • Mentor: Dr. Jens Schoth (Emschergenossenschaft/Lippeverband)